Being part of the Zine Squad is absolute fun. We are three core members, Julia, Katie and I and we like to collaborate with another person and make zines. We then choose a victime and create around a theme that goes with that person. Our latest endeavour is a vintage style zine for Karen called Zintage. Our collaborator on this one is the lovely Patricia (@questionable7 on IG)
Here are the pages I worked on. For this first one, my page is on the right and Julia’s on the left.

I created an flap that you can open up.

This one is all me:

This one is all me too (except for the writing which comes from a LifeLovePaper printable)

And some pretty glitter that I stuck to the page with packing tape on the right! The left page I thought was by Julia, but apparently not! Maybe Katie?

It is great fun to see how our styles mix together. We usually make it so we have 4 to 6 pages each. We try to each make at least one double spread and then do single ones after that. I really love being a part of this squad. Please take a look at the other pages by clicking the names in the first paragraph.