Here is my complete You GoGirl class journal. This is a class by  Kara Haupt where you construct a journal about how you define yourself as feminist. This topic definitely resonates with me. I see so many women stating ‘I’m not a feminist’ and that makes me ever so sad! If you are a human being who belives in equality, you’re a feminist. If you belive that the fact that you are woman doesn’t have an impact on what your job should be or how you dress, you’re a feminist. I feel it is really important to state things explicitely. So this class was an amazing creative blur and I loved every step of it.

There was a series of prompts accompanying the class. This is about what made you define yourself as a feminist.

There are two pin-ups in the glassine enveloppe.
Some comments that bother me as a woman.

I’m not sure about this. I don’t think I like the way the word ‘bitch’ is thrown around. But it’s part of my reflection on words and labels so I glued in these snippets of articles.

This page is about accepting an attribute that is considered female.

A page about sex, sexuality and desire.

I feel that sex and power have pretty much always been interconnected.

This page comes from Nina Christensen’s idea (she used ‘pricks/gentleman’). I love a page that let you explain why your partner is your partner.

The next prompt is the one where you can go all out and get mad at something you don’t agree with and want to change. In my case it has to do with men/society/other women telling me what to wear or what is acceptable and what to do with my body.

This is super important to me. The page reads: ‘pro-choice does not mean pro-abortion. It means I alone decide what I do with my body. I -only I- have dominion over my uterus’. I think this isn’t explicit enough. Pro-lifers like to paint Pro-choicers as people who skip along to abortion clinics every chance they get. I feel like this really, really skews the debate. Having the choice means you are a fully independant person able to make important and far-reaching decisions about your own body but also about your life and the kind of life you could possibly give a child. It’s a heavy responsibility and I feel it’s really important to protect women’s rights to choose.

This is my angry letter to religious patriarchs. I feel that a lot of problems stem from interpretations of old religious texts that seek to control people and especially women by giving them secondary roles in society and preaching modesty. (This is no way means I am not spiritual, just that my belief system has nothing to do with organised religion as it is now).

The next prompt is a homage to my ancestors. Very strong willed women, beautiful and free spirited. these ladies are from my mother’s side and were all feminists.

This page had us say something positive about our body that has nothing to do with looks.

The lace lifts up to show the date from that letter (1843!)

I sometimes feel that there is so much to do to change things, I wonder if I’m having any impact at all.

This phrase is from a conversation I heard between two Indian women on the subway here in Hong Kong. One was dressed in a traditional sari and the other had short hair and jeans. The traditional one was saying to the other that she couldn’t dress differently because she was born in India. The short haired one replied that she, too, was born in India but that she refused to believe that the Gods could actually care how you dressed.

Musical and litterary influences

The final page is for my daughter. I try really hard to transmit these values to her (and to my son also). I added one of her drwaings and some journaling concerning her answer when people call her ‘pretty’.

The You Go Girl class can be found here.