I had a super busy week and week-end because I was hosting my Mad Tea Party birthday bash. But last Wednesday, I discovered the You Go Girl class by Kara Haupt. I found out about Kara’s classes through Katie Licht’s blog post on the Tell a Story class she took. You Go Girl is a class that inspires you to make a journal bout feminism.
Oh my goodness.
I litterally dropped EVERYTHING and started pulling out papers, photos and scraps and immediately made my journal. Turned this :
…into this :

I was in a total frenzy. I haven’t been so enthusiastic about a project in a while. Every spare second, I dive into this journal. I love it and I love that, when inspiration grabs you when you don’t expect it. I promise a Flipagram and a picture of all the pages once it’s done. In the mean time, here is a sneak peek at two pages in my journal.

Still works in progress. Thank you Kara for your awesome inspiration!