So I was unable to sort and arrange my scrapbooking papers this week…therefore I’ll show you how I store my Project Life cards instead! Here are some of them in my bookcase :
And here are the 6 x 4s on their shelf.

I am super happy with my card storage. These pink boxes actually held a craft that my daughter recieved for her birthday (yes, she got two!). In them were various pieces of a wooden heart box to be decorated. It’s by Melissa and Doug. I used some Kikki.K stickers to cover up their logo.
In this first box, I keep my Studio Calico kit cards (on the right) and my Heidi Swapp ones on the left.

As you can see, there is a bigger compartment on the right. The left is seperated in two. the second compartment on the left holds my Dearest Someday cards.

At the back, I keep the 4 x 6 cards that come with the Studio Calico kits I get each month.

The second box contains other favorites. On the front left : everything Life Love Paper, including the watercolor cards and Currents. The second compartment holds two of my favorite mini kits : 5th and Frolic and Daydreamer. The right side is filled with various kits and cards I’ve found along the way including Sunshine, Plus One, Paislee Press and One Little Bird, Flea Market, etc.

The back holds the 4 x 6 paper pads that I’ve gotten from Studio Calico and other pretty 4 x 6 fodder.

I’m super happy to be reusing this great packaging. I’m not crazy about the color, but the gold paint I tried on the boxes didn’t hold and I didn’t want to damage my cards.

The other 4 x 6 cards, like the ones from the core kits, I keep in this box from Ikea.

I also keep greeting cards and postcards with pretty graphics, that I try to include in my Project Life when I can.

So there you have it, how I store my Project Life cards. What works for me is being able to flip through the cards and pull out the ones I want to use. The leftover ones from core kits etc, I store in past PL kit boxes in my basement. Every once in a while, I’ll replenish the cards as I use them up in the pink boxes.
How do you store these cards? Do you separate them by manufacturer or color or type? I’m curious…