After a conversation with Andrea on IG, I decided to show you how I store all of my scrap paper. I have a lot of different types of paper : vintage, specialty (tissue, vellum, gold foil, etc), scrapbooking paper, ephemera, magazine clippings, etc.
Today I’ll show you how I keep all of these, except the scrapbooking paper, because I’m still organising that!
I keep my scrapbooking scraps in a three-tiered desk organiser.
The top tier is for small scraps. I keep papers strips, cutouts and sometimes PL cards. Anything that is smaller than 2 inches, I either use right away on a journal page or I recycle it.

The second tier is for cutoffs from my book and notebook making. These are pieces of paper that are of an inconvenient size and can’t be re-used to make my mini albums, jotters or PL cards.

And finally, the third tier is for the 12 x 4 strips of scrapbooking paper that are leftover from my notebook making. I either bind these into jotters or I punch out my labels and circle punches from these.

On the bottom, I put the letter sized cardstock that have digital cards printed on them and that I haven’t had time to cut out yet.

I keep y magazine clippings in a big box. I did a lot of purging before we moved so it is pretty empty right now.
It fits in my cubicle.

In this secretary, I keep my specialty papers and packaging for my shop.

The bottom drawer has my specialty paper : vellum, calendar pages, mulberry paper, transparencies, gold foil, etc

Also tissue paper and rolls of rice paper.

And doilies!

In the second drawer, I have all of my vintage papers and ephemera. On the right, my vintage book covers for making upcycled journals.
In the middle my vintage paper packs, vintage photo packs, vintage wallpaper packs.

On the left, more vintage pages and three old magazines/catalogs.


Underneath the secretery, I have a big basket that holds my drawing, graph and watercolor papers. 

So that is the tour. Next week I’ll try and get all my scrapbooking paper set up to show you how I store them.