Hello friends. I decided to repost the past spreads I did for Wolf Women Art collab so yhtey would benon my blog as weel as on Instagram. If you don’t feel like seeing them again, simply scroll to the bottom where you will find the spread for The Red Shoes.
Here is the Spread for The Skeleton Woman:

A first one for The Ugly Duckling:

A second one for The Ugly Duckling.

Here is the spread for The Butterfly Woman.

And now we come to today’s story: The Red Shoes. This story had such a huge impact on me! I was once forced to take off my red shoes by someone and that totally lead me to ambre del alma (famine or hunger of the soul).

At the end of the story, the red shoes are a metaphor for terrible self-destructive addiction that comes from your soul being so starved that you throw yourself into anything. It is a tale that sent shivers down my spine. I am happy not to suffer from this hunger and to have a partner who supports me rather than want me to be someone else.

 Be sure to take a look at what Ana has created this week and thanks for looking at this picture heavy post 🙂