It’s Monday so here is the second instalment of the Wolf Women Art collab I am doing with Ana.  Please take a look at the pages she made here. This week we are addressing the story of Bluebeard, aka the Predator. This fairytale is one of the ones that scared me the most as a child. The blood that wouldn’t disappear from the key…I found that so chilling! It was an interesting process to revisit it as an adult and in the light of recent experiences in my life.
Here is my spread:

I think this is what hurts the most: when the person who preys on you is someone from your circle of friends. When the offering of one’s heart, time and experience leads to a complete taking over of your world and then a throwing away of your part in it. 

The woman below represents me: the steps I have taken to create boundaries and to protect myself.

I am much more wary now. I don’t carry my heart on my sleeve as much, I don’t open up as quickly. I have learned that to do that is to potentially invite destructive influences.

The keys are claimed as my own. They are the keys to knowledge and to my power.

This spread comes as I revisited the themes from my own Rituals class. This first one, for the January’s solar spread, expresses my feelings at the start of this new year, with the tools and experience gathered from last year.

The dreamcatcher opens onto the second part of this spread.

I love that you can see the figure on the other side.

This sentiment completes the ”I am poised” idea (or ”I am pissed” as most have read it !).

 I had a blast making this spread using tissue paper, a napkin and the Cavallini and co skeleton paper.

I also reevisited the lunar spread, casting out some elements that are no longer serving me or are a hindrance to my healing, eating up my time for no reason or just generally not welcome anymore.

I have no time to waste on these things! So I cast them out!

Thanks for coming by.