As you may or may not know, my Etsy shop, Vanessa’s Fancy, is full of paper goods.
I am a paper lover and although paper is easily recyclable, I try and waste as little of it as possible. Especially when it is so incredibly beautiful!

When I make these 6 x 8 notebooks,

…I have two 4 x 6 pieces left over. I use these pieces to make small notebooks (3 x 4) like these. I also cut down those papers to put in my Project Life kits.

When I make these upcycled journals…
…I make paper packs with the book blocks.

Even the labels are from pieces of leftover scrap paper.
When I have odd shaped pieces or when they are not the right size to be reused in books or kits, I punch out the scraps of paper. I use these to make label packs. Inside these glassine enveloppes, I put punched-out labels, hearts, butterflies and circles. I add lots of sequins too!

This is what a scrap of paper looks like once I’ve punched it out.
Many times, I find even these scraps to be so beautiful, I just can’t throw them out and  I use them in my journals and collages (I need help, I know!)

I also used pieces of one-sided scrapbooking paper to make business/thank you cards with the web address of my shop. I will be handing these out at Handmade Hong Kong on Sunday. To me it’s a good way of using every part of the paper and standing out from the usual business card too.

I’ve been thining of getting a crop-o-dile and making little confetti from even the smallest piece of scrap paper….but maybe that’s going too far?!