During the last round of 30 days of Lists, someone asked the first time Listers if they were going to do the lists day by day or all in advance. I was quite curious to see peoples’ answers and – of course – there was a wide range of nuances. Some prepped the pages in advance, but filled-in the details day by day, some did it all in advance, some prepared kits and then did them day by day and some just winged it. For some it’s all digitial, others all paper. And that is the great part of this project : there is no wrong way to do it and it’s very versatile.
For me, and this has been true since the beginning, it has always been about the thrill of the prompt and the creative burst it brings. So I have always done my lists day by day. Because I live in Hong Kong, I see the lists a day early. So read the prompt and then have a few hours to think about it and write down my list.
Here is a look at my very first 30 Days of lists notebook, for September 2012. I have always used the handmade notebooks I sell in my shop for this project. In this case, I wanted to experiement with different writing styles, taking a cue from the number stamp set I had just bought.
In March 2013, I decided to become a sponsor for the project. I wanted to have a more restricted color scheme and kept it black, grey, red and white. I loved that expriment. I hand carved the number stamps that you see throughout.
As a sponsor, I was able to ‘host’ a prompt, where your take on the list is featured on the blog. Here is where the love of doing the lists day by day comes in. I get my groove only after a couple of days of answering the prompts. In this case, the list for day 19 was completed before any of the other ones. I hadn’t even carved the stamps yet! Looking at this spread, I can see that number 19 doesn’t ‘fit’ as nicely as the others in my notebook.

For my third round, I decided to layer papers in an effort to use my stash and to also incorporate Instax pictures. This was even more of a challenge to do daily because sometimes there wasn’t enough light to take a picture and I had to wait for the next day. Here are some of the pages from September 2013:


List 22 is my sponsor prompt list. As you can see right away, it looks different than the others. There are two pictures and I was just starting with the layering technique. Didn’t get my groove on for a while for this one. I think that if I’d done all the prompts at once, there wouldn’t be this evolution in mastering the technique. Plus other peoples’ answers are super inspiring.

And finally, here is my most recent album, for the December 2013 edition. In this case, the difference in style between the pages made during the month and the advance prompt are evident. I hadn’t received my Christmas paper kits when I made the Dec 28th page.

As I was writing out the lists during the month, I decided to write the titles in capital letters. So the weird squiggly title for Dec 28th looks really out of place to me! And I would totally take out that number 28 in the tree.

Anyway, all of this to say that for me, being inspired by my own creative path during the month and by other Listers’ amazing work is my prefered way to approach this. I love scrolling through the #30lists hashtag on Instagram to see what other people are doing. And the new FB groups are a great idea too.

What about you, how are you going to go about this round of Listing?