When I was in Florence a month ago, I came across a wonderful store. You had to walk down a few steps from the cobbled street into the coolness of this store. I felt like Ali Baba entering the cave full of treasure.

Signum is a store full of my favorite items : hand bound leather journals, filled with premium white paper and decorated with gold leaf on the cover. Wrapping paper from Cavallini and co with vintage anatomy plates, birds, old maps and writing on them. Vintage postcards and calendars. Paper goods decorated in the Firenze (Florence) style and with the symbol of the city – a fleur de lys – on them. Calligraphy nibs made from vintage ones. Calligraphy ink in all colors. Beautiful, ornate musical boxes featuring la Comedia dell’arte.

This store was like a dream come true for me and I spent so much time there, touching the pages, smelling the leather, feasting on all the gold, aqua and coral colors. I was very happy and I didn’t even think to take a picture of the store!

I brought back these three ink bottles. Honestly, I would have bought so many more, except I have a lot here already! The bottles are so cute. I haven’t opened them because I have some ink to finish forst.And because look at those wax seals! The lady in the store mentionned that there were plastic caps under the wax…so I can’t bring myself to open them.

Even the packaging is beautiful. Each bottle came in a little cadboard box with Leonardo da Vinci’s sketchings and notes on them. Like this box here.

This is a set of nibs made from vintage nibs. I love it!!! Can’t wait to try each of these!

My favorite to look at is the hand that you see in the middle here. How absolutely victorian, sigh.

The nibs came with a calligraphy alphabet chart with three styles on it.

Of course, I had to get some papers too. So I bought two sets of theses notecards with typical Florence motifs on them. And lots of gold details too (I love gold!).

Just looking at these makes me very happy. If you are interested, they have an online shop and you can go look at all this eye candy. Especially the journals…wow! Unfortunately, I don’t think they sell the ink bottles online…or if they do, please send me the link!