I thought I’d do a little wrap-up post about this project and what I got from it. First, I want to outline what elements of this project made this a success for me.

1. I love a clearly defined timeline. 100 days, day in day out but not more and no less.
2. I love accountability, but I didn’t want to impose my project. So I made a dedicated Instagram account for these Unfinished Spirits so that my regular account wouldn’t be overwhelmed by this project.

3. I went back to something I love to do and don’t always have time for : drawing.
4. I had a clearly defined theme. That really helps when you are not sure what to draw or if you are in a slump. A clear theme helps narrow down the possibilities.
5. I had a routine. Every Sunday, I would sit down at my desk and draw 7 Spirits for the week. It was easy to do them in one shot. I also photographed them with my phone so it would be easy for me to share each day.

What I learned from doing this every day:
1. I love using specific tools for a specific project. In this case it was calligraphy nibs and ink, watercolor / inktense pencils and all the Unfinished Spirits in one book.

2. I learned new techniques. I especially love happy accidents, like when the ink got too wet or spread out in a way that wasn’t planned.
3. I honed my drawing skills but I didn’t escape my ‘type’ of drawing. I’d love to be able to render a less cartoony person. Sometimes I was able to, other times no. And in the end, these are mine and they reflect me and my style of drawing.
4. I didn’t love every single drawing I did, but the ones that stood out did so for a reason. Sometimes because it was an unexpected technique or a different type of person/animal. And that made them interesting to me.
I’m really happy I stuck with it. I saw many other projects that made me want to try my hand at collage, stitching and such.  But I am going to give myself a break before I commit to anything else. Because I do like to finish what I start.
You can see all of my 100 day project here : https://instagram.com/unfinishedspirits