I was all packed and ready to go. I had my receipt books, my business cards, my packaging material, my handmade sign, my change, my super notebook to write down everything. I had my shower curtain to protect my good in case of light rain. I had my neon tassels, my ornaments and my paper goods. The ones I’ve been making for the last month…and then the amber rain signal was hoisted.

Amber rain means more than 30 mm of rainfall per hour. This can develop into red (50 mm/h) or black rain (70 mm/h). Plus the thunderstorm warning was issued. Now my shower curtain was not gonna cut it. I couldn’t let the rain destroy all my paper goods. Plus, who is going to attend an outdoor market with the amber rain signal in place? So with a super heavy heart, I had to cancel my participation in Handmade Hong Kong. So disapointed.

Here is a look at what the skies were like yesterday.

I put up some new listings in my Etsy shop and you can get 15% off with the code RAINGOAWAY. But it isn’t the same, I was really looking forward to meeting and interacting with people.

Here are some pictures of the new goods I had made for this market:


So frustrating, but what can you do?