New year, new planner. I, just like many of you out there, love planners. But I’m kind of annoying in the sense that I always try to find the perfect one for me. I t has to be flexible, not too small, not daily, not too boring, but not too full either…. For a long time, I used Pomegranate’s spiral bound planners. But after a while I wanted to try other styles. When I arrived in Hong Kong, I found some super cute ones, but every pen I had went through the paper (hate that). Last year, I used a Korean planner. It was filled with boxes so you can customise your own planner. I started off with a bang, but then got overwhelmed by April…I love seeing what some people do with their planners and filofaxes, but I don’t choose to use them that way.
Check out this amazing video about Hobonichi Planners:
So anyway, I decided to get this planner designed by Orange Circle Studio and featuring artwork by Katie Daisy! I’ve been following Katie on IG and I love her work. She lives in a cabin in the woods and uses watercolor in such a magical way. Her environment is so different than mine. I really like the sentiment on the cover of the planner.
I have good things planned for these monthly grid pages.

I love the fact that each spread has one week, plus a space to jot down notes or ideas. Also, it’s colorful without being overbearing. The flowers and foliage follow the seasons and some pages have words or flowers placed on them. The layout changes too. Some pages are like this one with boxes:


And other pages have the days of the week laid out in rectangles like this:

I like that subtle way of changing things up. Every few pages, you have these lovely quotes and artwork by Katie and a space for writing notes.


And at the end of the planner, you find these pages for specific lists (you all know I love LISTS!). There’s a restaurant one, things to do, movies to see, books to read, etc.

I even started on the first page 🙂 I love that the pens don’t bleed through. Hopefully, I’ll be able to stmap in this planner too, we will see. I’m feeling very inspired and happy with my choice. I hope that I can keep it up all year!