I had decided to bring some watercolors on my trip to South Africa (I should be arriving there pretty much as you read this!). I hardly did any when I went to San mihguel for my art journaling workshop. And in between weedings and birthday parties, I intend to spend lots of time on the beach drawing, sketching and relaxing.
Here are my supplies. The travel Sakura Koi set (top right) I’ve had for three years and I love it. A friend of mine bought the Kuretake se (green box) and I was hooked. As I was waiting for the box to arrive, another friend surprised me with a wonderful palette of peerless watercolor paper (bottom right).

Here they are, opened.

So much color! I promptly opened up my new travel journal (more on that Monday) and made some color swatches so I could see which set would come with me. First though, I did a pen test page to see which pens bleed through the paper. I went with the Sakura Micron, the Pilot Fineliner, the Sharpie pen and the Uni-ball vision elite.
Then I spent all afternoon with my lovely watercolor sets. This is the Kuretake :


 The Peerless watercolor set:

And the Sakura Koi travel set :

Needless to say, it’s really hard to choose. The colors are all gorgeous and saturated. The only thing that swayed me was size and weight considerations. So the Peerless watercolors are coming with me for sure. They are so easily transportable and have a perfect range of colors. Very grateful to my friend Cynthia for such a great gift ! I might take out the gold (yes, gold) pan from the Kuretake set and bring it somehow. because, gold.