Another month has come and gone. Incredible, no? Days/weeks seem to speed up at this time of the year. October 2018 has been quite somenthing for me. It started off strong, with me feeling in my power and harnessing my creative energy. And then, on October 15th, I fell from my bike and hurt my right arm. Things were at a standstill for a while. The pain meant no more movement, no art, no writing. I was forced to stop. Stop. And just heal. It is very hard for me to do so. Then I filled my days with haunting shows (The Haunting of Hill House, Penny Dreadful, AHS Coven) and totally immersed myself in a very special art journal called For I Am the Chariot which I will share later.

And as my arm healed and movement became possible once more, I was able to draw a little something each day and complete my daily diary for October. Here it is:

Thank you for coming by!