A few weeks ago, I found this amazing planner when I was at my local art store in Beijing. It’s so cool. 
The neon cover and the black edged pages were the clincher.
The cover is soft and pliable and I really like how the days are set up.

Every few pages there are quotes. I love the priorities box, the am/pm boxes etc. It makes me want to use it as an actual planner. Almost. Cause I have plans to continue doing “my day arted”: the daily art project that Jules inspired a few of us to try.

I ended up really liking my 2017 diary even though I found it challenging at first. It worked when I gave myself permission not to work on it each day. I was putting pressure on myself and feeling like I was “behind” or “late” if I wasn’t documenting each day on the day. I want to keep at it for next year but with a twist.

For 2017, it was anything goes: washi tape, scraps, drawings, paint, etc. You can see all my posts here. For next year, I’d like to focus more on drawing. Riet once discussed how she used the cast-offs from the magazine photos she uses in her art journaling. I use a lot of those in the zines I make with the Zine Squad. But Riet is right in that these pieces of paper are really still quite interesting. 

So my challenge will be for me to use one paper scrap from my stash and to draw something each day. I may continue the image on the scrap or just draw on top of it. I really like the idea of using random scraps that are either from my day or cast off from my other projects. My goal is to improve my drawing skills and to use those papers.

The big thing is what pen to use to draw. I did a pen test page as there is always the issue of the pen bleeding through the paper.

I feel like the Sharpie pen is probably my best bet. It’s also the one I used in my diary for 2017.

 I’m very happy to have found a slightly more curated approach for the coming year. What about you? Will you be doing a daily art project? If so, what is it and if not, why not?

Let me know in the comments!