With the recent appearance of Sketchbookery and Sketchbook Skool in my life, drawing has become ever more present. I have been working in my daily diary and managed to complete April pretty much on time.

I usually batch these drawings, as I often don’t have time each day to do them.

My process is as follows: look at my planner and instagram for what happened each day, pick out a relevant paper scrap from my stash, write down a couple of words and then add the drawing.

Sometimes, they look so good grouped together. Other times they are kind of meh. But that is ok because more and more, I am enjoying the process. The result isn’t that important, although I am still trying to get better at drawing realistically.

Actually enjoying what I am doing as a daily project is very important or you just won’t do it.

How is your daily project going (if you are doing one)?