Every self-respecting witch should have a familiar, don’t you think? Those of you who know me in real life know about the story of our previous cat and the ensuing fallout. I addressed my wish for a feline companion in portrait 14. I got my wish. I saw a picture of this fluff ball on a rescue shelter page, I knew she was meant to be ours. My husband drove five hours to go get her.

Khaleesi came into our lives and it has been quite the adjustment. Learning to live with a pet again. Getting woken up a little earlier. Teaching her not to attack us continuously (she is the Mother of Dragons, though so I don’t know how much success we will have in that department). Slowly getting to know each other and tame each other. I do love that process. My favorite part is seeing the children with her. The bond they are creating is just what I wished for when we were thinking of getting a pet.

ps: did you see? This is portrait 50…only 2 left.