I am the Chariot

This is the card that best represents me in the tarot. ‘The Chariot is your confidence, your will and your inner warrior. At points in your life when you felt the bliss of achievement or triumph, you were riding on his back’ (from The Wild Unknown, the card on the right). ‘If you feel as though self doubt may have a tendency to sneak up on you, know that this time, you have the absolute power to overcome adversity. Set your intentions clearly’ (from The Starchild Tarot, the card on the left).
I am like that. I ride high, I go along with speed, enthusiasm and direction. I’m unstoppable until I hit that wall and then I fall off completely. I lose all of my confidence and spark. This has happened to me a few times in my life. Once in love. Once professionaly. And once in friendship. In each of these situations, I was completely caught off guard and thrown way off my horse. Each of these situations was difficult to deal with in its own way. But each of them has made me stronger, more wise about what I need/want and better able to handle having regrets. They have showed me that I am not perfect and I am grateful for that lesson. So I pick up the pieces, get back on my chariot and I go forth once more.