‘We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars’ – Oscar Wilde

I am an apostate. As such, I do not believe in all powerful entity that will save us. I don’t believe we should wage war in the name of said entity in order to prove that this entity is better than this other one. Instead, I believe in humanity. I believe that as a collective whole we can rise above our pettiness and build something meaningful and lasting. Because I believe this, the world in which we are living in now often disapoints me. I feel collective failures deeply. I am saddened by civil wars, children sleeping in forests and washing up on beaches, people being exploited as slaves, racism, fear of otherness, women being told what to do with their bodies, being kidnapped or stoned to death, uncurable genetic diseases, climate change and the list goes on. But I remain an optimist. I am sure that we can and will be something more. I just may not be here to see it come to fruition.