I often feel like I’m dressing up when I get dressed. Like I’m dessing up as someone who goes to work in an office. Or I’m dressing up as someone going to a fancy dinner party. Or I’m dressing up as someone who is going to a concert. When I was a teenager, personal style was a big deal. I spent time and money on it. As I get older, I find my horizons opening up. I don’t feel like I have a defining aesthetic though I wish I did. I love people who have a strong sense of style, that you can immediately know their style like. I wear dresses a lot and am partial to a gothic aesthetic, but I’m 40, not 20 and I fall in love with colors and patterns. So it’s a mixed bag. But when I dress this way: a little edgy, a little witchy, a little black goth emo girl; damn I love it.