Swallowed whole by art

Since art journaling saved my sanity in 2011, art has been a saving grace in my life. I create daily. Not because I have to, because I want to. Even if it isn’t something big or revolutionary, it keeps my hands busy and my heart happy. I am inspired by everything around me; I like to share those passions which is why I love Instagram so much. I also need to see what artists are creating. In Hong Kong, I would go to galleries and drink up the passion and innovation I would see from artists. I’ve seen everything from magical landcapes handcut in photos blown up to 6 feet wide to paintings showcasing beautifully moving bodies to the masked portraits of Zeng Fanzhi to Basquiat and Warhol‘s works. Since we’ve come back, I’ve had less time to drink up artists’ work. But each time I have, it’s been so inspiring, especially Colville and David Altmejd (whose work is seen above). Art is important, make time for it and it will nourish you much more than you can imagine even if you think you are note an artistic person (because – you know – you really are.)
note: this photo was taken in July but I was waiting for the right moment to share it.