Everything in its right place

September always means a fresh start. A chance to realign, to reassess before going on. In my case, September means the back to school whirlwind takes over. New clothes, new bags and lunch boxes, new books, new stationery, endless lists of things to cross off. And that is just for me! Seriously, September always meant choosing my school supplies, finding the perfect notebook for each subject. The right pen, the one that doesn’t bleed through. The highlighter that is just the right size width for your copied text. Decorating your agenda. I went to school for a long time and always looked forward to those first pages written in my notebook. Writing the class code and schedule. The perfect notes taking system and color coded information. 
I’m still like that. I have specific pen and notebook combinations. If I forgot my pen, I’ll write on a post-it and add it to my notebook instead of writing with a different pen. I have a passion for those neon flags and use them wherever I can. I will agonise over the size of the notebook I’ll be using. I’ll compare planners and search for just the right one. I like having the right tools. It makes me feel confident…and also a litlle bit like Elle in Legally Blonde.