Meet me at the fair
Revisiting childhood memories. Some places hold so much power over us. I spent my summer vacations here when I was a young child. I remember the sun on my skin and the taste of salt water in my hair. I remember the crunch of sand under my feet as I ran up the hot steps. I remember stepping in the shadows so my feet don’t burn in the sand and the exact place where the sand becomes coarser. I remember the flash of colors and lights on the pier. The crush of people and squealing kids. I remember the anticipation as the roller coaster goes up and the rush of air as it flies down the tracks. I remember the people trying their luck in the carnival games in the hopes of winning a huge toy. I remember being so excited to be out at night and feeling like there was magic in the world. This week, this is what we wanted to offer our children; the chance to feel a little of that magic too.