I love them. I want this many. I have three real ones. They are all meaningful. A unicorn done in 2007 in the Pazyryk style on my shoulder blade represents me and my love for archaeology. Two swallows on my left wrist done in 2012 represents my children who will fly but can always return home if they need to. The Lupus (wolf) constellation on the back of my left arm done in 2014 repesents my husband and his presence in my life. But, oh, do I feel sexy and beautiful and confident with these tattoos on my arms!
I got them here :
Disclamer : the shop on Etsy where I bought the deer tattoo and the big one representing a woman has closed. I believe this is good because the woman tattoo is a rip off of a tattoo by Rik Lee which was being used without his permission. I did not know this at the time that I bought the tattoo. So I bought a print from him to balance my karma! It’s not cool to steal someone’s designs for profit whether it’s fake tatts or iphone covers or whatever.