I used to think that self-care was a little bit self-indulgent, like did I really need to spend money to go lie in a bubble bath or get a manicure when I could do that myself? A friend of mine once told me that self-care is at the base of self-worth, that if you love yourself and accept that you need that time out once in a while, you will be recharged and feel better about who you are. So that is what I did today. I un-plugged. I let myself do nothing. I floated in water (my element) and I finished my book* by the fire.
Note: this is an iphone picture because cameras are not allowed in the spa. I snuck in my phone to take this then promptly brought it back to my locker and didn’t look at it for the next 5 hours. Felt amazing.
* I have just finished The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. This is one of those books that you savor. I started it January and I usually go through a book a month. But this one. Sometimes I would put it down because I didn’t want to read too much of it at a time. I loved her first book, hated the ending of her second one so I was quite afraid of the dénouement of The Goldfinch. And it was extraodinary. Reading in my bathrobe, sitting next to the cackling fire, it was all exclamation points and YES! YES! in my mind. Art, beauty, love, life, history, time, memory. It’s all in there and I am grateful for Theo, Boris, Pippa and Hobie; they’ll stay with me for a while.