Hello, kitty.
I am a cat person. Since the age of eight, I have lived with a cat, sometimes two. I love their personality, I love their aloofness and independance, I love how fickle they can be. I’m especially partial to orange and tabby cats. I would love for my children to know the joys of having a cat. Being a nomadic family, I think they would love to have that constant companion. But, being a nomadic family means that it isn’t always easy to take care of an animal. Moving countries every three years can have an impact on that animal as well. That said, many families in our situation make it work.
My one big regret is that we gave our cat away when we left for Hong Kong four years ago. We were told it would be complicated to bring him along and we felt it would be hard for him to become an inside cat. But oh! I could have used his company during that first difficult year! I realised right away the mistake we’d made, but I could never have taken him away from the person we had given him to. My daughter says ‘we don’t need a new cat, we have one. He’s living with so and so’. But I think it’s time we lay that to rest and see if we could welcome a new companion into our lives.
Disclaimer: this cat skull doesn’t belong to any of my cats! It is a felis catus skull that was found during a beach clean-up in Hong Kong. We found a lot of interesting things during coastal clean-ups in HK as you can imagine, but this tops the list at least for me!