Here we are friends, my last post in 2016’s 52 Pick-Up. I absolutely loved working on this project! I’ll be sharing a retrospective post in January. But in the meantime, let us look at the Jokers, the last two cards in this deck.

How I love this idea! It is so true.

In my stash of vintage photos, I found this series of men boxing. I can’t tell if it’s a friendly match or not, but I love looking at them.

I wanted the key to have Sword of Damocles feel to it.

On to Joker 2 and the very last card in this project. It is almost the last phrase in the poem.

I find this to be a striking and perfect ending to my project.

Fragments of life, of happiness and of trials.

I felt that this card should be from a woman’s point of view so it was serendipity that I had one Queen card left. The Queen of Hearts too.

Because when you are the end of your life and you take stock, what is truly important? Love.

Thank you.