What a week. I went through a lot of emotions. If you remember, our narrator is now stuck in a desert where there is no water. It feels like an apt description of what has transpired in the US this week. In any case, we are carrying on with the poem.

There is a very creepy meaning behind this. The idea of the third person walking next to people comes from testimony given by some of the Arctic explorers. They mentioned seeing a hooded figure out of the corner of their eye while on these expeditions. Once they turned their heads though, there was no one there. Gives me chills!

To illustrate this, I used a photo of someone making patterns in the sand and cut it so it became the ‘brown mantle’ mentioned in the poem.

The photo I used is an accidental double exposure. It looks so fitting because of that big rock. Remember this big red rock from the beginning of the poem?

This photo was taken during the same trip as the photo used in the post about the red rock. I love coming full circle this way. I love how the rock looms over the people and how the two bottom figures seem to be drowning in the sea.

When in fact, they are dying from lack of water. Or lack of culture.