Last week, we finished the third part of the poem: The Fire Sermon. On to Part four: Death By Water. After the fire, we come full circle, back to water. Not only that, but come full circle back to the beginning of the poem and the tarot cards.

Remember our Drowned Sailor card? Find him here. The person who consulted Madame Sosostris was warned quite clearly to fear Death by Water….and yet that is the title of this part of the poem.

Alas, things have ended for the drowned sailor. And the currents have picked his bones clean. Queen Death has staked her claim.

She followed him, this young sailor. She bade her time.
In the end he could not escape his watery destiny and was engulfed. I wonder about the fate of the sailor in this picture.At least Queen Death seemed kind to him and let him revisit his youth.

And thus concludes the fourth part of the poem. This was quite a short chapter compared to the others. Ten cards left to explore part five: What The Thunder Said.