You may remember that last week, Tiresias was observing a woman who was awaiting a mysterious guest. Well, he has arrived. It turns out he is one of those men who thinks highly of himself – although in Tiresias’s opinion, he doesn’t have much reason to think this way.

This man has come to visit our typist and, once the meal is finished, has but one thing on his mind. Sex.
It is quite a pathetic scene that Tiresias narrates. Bored, self-indulgent, ignorant people having sex and not really enjoying it, just looking for something to do. 
I wanted my card to reflect the burning desire that could have been shared by these two people. The words come from a love letter written in the 50s. The excerpts read ‘I want to hold you’ and ‘I want you’. 

That’s more like it don’t you think?