This week we continue on with Tiresias’s narration. Tiresias is a blind prophet. Having spent part of his life as a woman, he is blessed with knowing how both genders experience both pleasure and pain. He is also an immortal witness. He sees humanity’s long evolution. Since we now find him in the Waste Land, we can imagine the desert he finds himself in.
Here Tiresias is describing an ordinary scene: it is the end of the day (‘the violet hour’ as mentioned last week) and a woman (a typist actually) is in her apartment. Her washing is drying and this part of the poem reads as setting the scene for a visitor.

Shall we see what our blind prophet is describing?

There she is, our tired typist, awaiting her guest while her ‘combinations’ sway in the gentle breeze…oh the anticipation!

Note to self: next time do the stitching before gluing down the part of the poem being illustrated!