Today marks the last card from the second part of The Waste Land. It is the conclusion of the conversation between Lil and her friend. 

Well it seems that all’s well that end’s well for Lil. Her Albert has returned and everyone seems to have had a grand time. The last line of this excerpt (and of this part of the poem) comes from Shakespeare’s Ophelia. Also, note that in the poem, it really is written ‘goonight’ and not ‘goodnight’ except at the end.

And here they are, these beautiful ladies.

All in a row with their stunning hats. Some of these intrepid women are part of my family.

I kind of like that my initial is on this card. I added the woman on the right from a McCall’s vintage sewing pattern. ‘Say’ comes from a flash card, I added it because I believe it’s important to say what you think. Talk things through as, presumably, Albert and Lil have done. 

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