If you’ve been following along with this part of TS Eliot”s poem, two women are having a conversation in a bar, somewhere in Britain. Their conversation is continually interrupted by the same phrase, written in capital letters in the poem:
I had no idea why until I read an analysis of the poem that said that this is a phrase said by barmen just before closing time. So I asked Julia if this was true and she said yes! They also sometimes ring a bell. In Canada, they announce ‘last call for alcohol’ on the speakers.

 So this repeated phrase that keeps interrupting the ladies’s conversation is how we know that they are in a bar. This image was absolutely perfect or at least I think so!

Drinking and smoking. Those were the days, don’t you think?

Hurry up please it’s time. Things are coming to a conclusion for this part of the poem. The game of chess is almost at its end.