We have finished the first part of T.S Eliot’s poem, The Burial of the Dead and are now moving on to the second part, A Game of Chess. Chess is quite an interesting and intricate game as you know. It’s also quite the metaphor for control and absolute power/tyranny and playing with one’s life. (Anyone here read Carrion Comfort?). We all know that the most powerful piece is the Queen. 

As you can see, the Queen is in a gilded chamber, surrounded by bejewelled walls and pillars that glow in the candle light. But, as with everything in The Wasteland, something is not right. There is decay (and madness) under the varnish.

Here is our Queen. She looks mighty and strong on her throne of gold. Is she not aware that her empire is crumbling?

I purposefully made the gold leaf cracked and uneven to underline the cracks in her royaume. How I love this woman’s smirk, though!

If you look closely, there is gold glitter in her hair too. Trying to mask the snakes held within.

Thanks for coming by.