Last week we were in Dante’s Inferno. This week we are going into Charles Baudelaire’s Fleurs du Mal only we are in London instead of Paris. The downward spiral has started!
Just like Baudelaire does in Les Fleurs du Mal, Eliot is criticizing the new society. Baudelaire was angry at the ‘cleaning up’ and the presence of the bourgeoisie in Paris. Eliot is lamenting the lack of culture and respect of the old ways in British society.

Here is the Unreal City as I see it.
The king presides over this broken place. He is surrounded by half-seen buildings and structures.
At his feet, the city is crumbling, burying scores of men under it.

As I mentioned last week, war is an upcoming theme in this poem. ‘I had not thought death had undone so many’. This is something that has gone through my head as I learn more and more about the World Wars. The numbers are staggering, especially for the First World War.

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