This is the final card that the famous clairvoyante Madame Sosostris has pulled for our hero. Last week she mentioned the creepy One-eyed Merchant.

Today, she has a clear warning for him. It is ironic to fear death by water as The Waste Land touches upon the idea of a once fertile land becoming an arid desert. (and what is all thread around the card?)

A warning that should be headed. Nothing like a skull and bones to bring that message home.

I’ve been hoarding that gold embroidery thread for years. This week, my eyes fell on it and it all clicked into place. The skull I found here and printed on acetate. I had to use a spray fixative so that it wouldn’t smudge.
The photo is of Lake Tahoe, taken by my great-great-aunts when they went on a trip to California in the early 1900s. It was on this same trip that they climbed the rock you see in this card.