Today’s card illustrates a very short excerpt from T.S. Eliot’s poem:

Our protagonist is getting quite the in-depth reading from Madame Sosostris and she has pulled the Wheel of Fortune. That is one powerful card in the tarot. The Wheel tells us that nothing lasts forever; neither good days nor bad ones. The Wheel turns and turns and nothing stays the same. Stephen King writes : “Ka was like a wheel, its one purpose to turn, and in the end it always came back to the place where it had started.” – The Waste Lands (Ka being the notion of destiny/karma/soul)

Although the phrase is short, the card took me a long time to make:

I stitched my own wheel on a vintage polaroid found in Mexico that showed a wagon (?) wheel in an abandoned junkyard. I stitched haphazardly, with two different types of thread. I put knots in some places, braided some threads and pulled others tight. I added some beads at the end. And then I attached my Wheel of Fortune to the card with a brad so that you can turn it.

The stitching was heavily influenced by this beautiful card from the Wild Unknown deck.

I wanted to have two images of babies, one crying and one laughing, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for in my stash. So instead I went with a young/old dichotomy.

And here is an awkward video of my trying to turn the wheel as I film with the other hand: