A tarot reading can be up to ten or even thirteen cards, depending on the type of reading and the questions that are asked. After the Phoenician Sailor and the Lady of Situations, the intriguing Madame Sosostris has pulled…
Now although these cards are invented, there is a three of staves in the tarot deck. Staves are usually referred to as wands. The three of wands is a positive card, one that shows that you have support for all you have achieved but it also reminds us that we are the only ones to know our own future. The future is ours to contemplate.

And what is the future holding for our protagonist? He is already surrounded by intriguing people. This man with three staves is also foreboding. Let’s meet him, shall we?

The top image is a picture of a painting by Alex Colville. A very creepy, fill-in-the-story-yourself type of painting. The man has no head in the painting either. It is called ‘Pacific 1967’. I love this kind of narrative; it forces you to participate in the story of the image. Much the same way as when I look at these vintage photos I try to fill in the stories. Our man is seen lying at the bottom of a boat, scheming, dreaming, conjuring his future.

Is the image at the top part of his past or of his future? What is he planning? Where will he go? Hopefully next week’s card will provide some answers.