My love for vintage photos knows no bounds. I just love finding them and can spend hours looking at the people, trying to imagine their lives. Recently, I bought a big pack of vintage photos from a man in Austria. There are so many really lovely ones, portraits of women in fancy dress, children in cute overalls, people skying. Unfortunately, it seems he has since closed his shop.

Anyway, today’s card features one of those perfect pictures. First, the words. If you remember, last week, our protagonist met Madame Sosostris, a clairvoyant who will read the tarot.

I love the tarot. I can tell you that this is not a real tarot card. There is no Phoenician Sailor card. But, no matter, he is an important character in The Waste Land.

Here he is:

Such a lovely, innocent boy. Such a lovely photo, capturing a sweet moment. It makes the demise of the Phoenician Sailor that more poignant. If you follow me, you also know my love for Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. The tarot also features prominently in that story. For those who have read it, this card reminds me of Jake.

The ”Those are pearls that were is eyes. Look!” line is from Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

 We shall meet him again, this drowned sailor, and his bones too.