As you may or may not know, I love any tool that helps you be more intuitive and self-aware. This includes tarot cards. The tarot is an ancient divinatory practice that deals in archetypes. Archetypes are elements of the human experience or of one’s personality that are embodied in a person or in this case in a card. It’s a myth that the tarot tells your future. What is does do is bring forth underlying themes that are present in your life and make them visible. I now possess a few tarot decks and getting to know the cards and how they apply to my life has been a wonderful process.
This ties in nicely with today’s card:

And here is the mysterious and gifted Madame Sosostris:

The Joker card was perfect for this week’s words. This beautiful image is from The Graphics Fairy. The pink moon (if you love The Dark Tower series as I do you will realise the importance of this pink moon) I punched out of a watercolor paper.