This week’s card features my favorite quote from The Waste Land, the one that started it all. I read this quote for the first time in a Stephen King book. I can’t recall which, but it may be It or one of The Dark Tower books. In any case, the last line of the quote has always intrigued me.

”I will show you fear in a handful of dust”. Sends shivers down my spine. Also, the creepy invitation in parentheses that emphasizes the first phrase…well played T. S. Eliot!
Here is the front of the card. I used a photocopy of one of my most treasured vintage photographs : that of my great-great-aunts posing on a rock.

I love that these two women from Montreal went on a trip to California in the late 1800s and that they decided to climb this rock in their corsages, skirts and fancy hats, so that they could take a picture to document their trip. I love that Marie-Alda is still fixing her hair when the shot was taken.
I feel like this picture shows the fearlessness of these women and I feel both humbled and proud to be in their lineage. I also really like the contrast between the photo of these women and the overshadowing red rock. Since Bowie died, we’ve all had Major Tom in our heads. That song was inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey. The black monolith in that movie has always confused and scared me and I am referencing it now with this crystal-like red rock.

It is all connected. Even though this poem is from 1922, the picture from 1889, the playing cards from the 50s, the song from the 70s; they all link together here in 2016. Amazing.