Sometimes I love the zines we make so much, that I find it hard to let them go! This one was one of those. The Zine Squad recruited Essie to help us make a zine for Lauren. We went with a darker theme, but never ended up with a better title than Vampire Witch Goth Zine! 

Since we started this in the Season of Magic, it was a great place for that magical fodder that didn’t make it into my journal. The pages above are all me. The left page below has Julia’s magical finishing touches on it.

Here is a scan of the pull-out card. I used a creepy vintage photo and added the cat and an excerpt from The Waste Land (the same poem I am using for my 52 Pick-Up project).

One of my pages on the right and again Julia’s (?) on the left. I wish you could see the shimmer in the wall paper piece behind Maleficent.

And a final, slightly humorous one, as a closing theme.

Now you must go see everyone’s pages….They are so good. Keep an eye out for Katie’s Vampire Zooey Deschanel, Julia’s dark ravens and Essie’s anatomical skull lady!