The ladies in a bar are talking about the return of Lil’s husband, Albert. Lil’s friend has been telling her that she needs to pretty up if she wants to please Albert. And that if she doesn’t, another woman will. And what is Lil’s reaction?

Indeed, it seems that Lil believes that her friend has her eyes set on the handsome Albert!

It wouldn’t be the first time that a woman was betrayed by her husband and a friend. That story is almost a cliché. Except that most clichés aren’t so gut wrenching and heart breaking.

I feel terrible for not remembering this artist’s name. His drawings are beautiful. Edited: the artist is Mark Demsteader. The letter on the bottom reads “…him to you darling. I told him quite a lot about you honey”

Sometimes there is quite a discrepancy between words that are written and one’s actions.

This card marks the halfway point of this project. I love it so much! I hope you enjoy it as well. (I wrote this post on my phone, I hope it shows up well).