If you read my list for the 30 Days of Lists blog hop on Monday, you’ll notice that I want to start using my sewing machine…to sew fabric! So far, I’ve mostly used it to sew paper (like in my travel journal) and confetti pockets in my Project Life.

So when I saw this tutorial on Alisa Burke’s blogs, I decided to try it out with some heavy fabric from Ikea. I didn’t measure anything, nor did I make sure my lines were straight. This is probably my first mistake!

It was very easy and fast. I can see that not measuring makes for an uneven bag. this doesn’t bother me too much. I decided to stitch at the top of the bag to add an interesting element to it. I think that next time, I would roll down the fabric inwardly and then do the stitch, to give this a cleaner more finished look.

I felt the moose bag was a little wide, so I made a second one that was narrower. Unfortunately, I didn’t do the top seam like I’ve just mentionned. Making these two bags too me all of 5 minutes.

I had lots of fun and can see how this can become addictive and how you can add to the simplicity of the design so that these bags adapt to how you want to use them. In my case, because it isn’t canvas, the bags don’t hold their shape well. I decided to use them as project bags.

My kids always want to go to the pool these days and sometimes I just don’t want to swim. So I put my projects in the bag and it comes with me when I sit by the pool and watch over them.

You can see that I’m still getting used to my sewing machine (I call her Marie-Antoinette), especially when it comes to finding the right tension. You can see that the inside stitch is a little loose. It may be because there is just one layer of fabric there.

Well, all of this is clearly a work in progress and there is always room for improvement. And that’s what I love about trying new things 🙂