I love journaling while I travel. My husband and I had a weekend getaway together. I decided to use Kara’s Time Book format to document those two days.

I used a mix of scrapbook supplies, watercolors, vintage ephemera and stuff I picked up on the go. Every piece of ephemera is torn because I couldn’t bring scissors in my carry-on!

Sometimes, images from the catalogues of the stores you visit will be just perfect to use.

So much good food.

I love doing ‘my day in paper’ type pages ever since I saw Caylee do them.

I think I really like the contrast between the vintage postcards and modern paper.

Museums offer some of the best paper to use too.

When I asked the women at the baggage consignment if I could keep the tags she thought I was so weird! But they are so cool!

One more mini album to add to my collection.