As my daughter was having her bestie over for a sleep-over this weekend, they had a bunch of activities planned. One of these, I found out later, was making ceramic bowls. Unfortunately, they failed to remind me of this plan before the sleep-over started and I had to scramble to find some clay in the house! I managed to dig out half a pack that was in a drawer lost somewhere. Mom saves the day!
Anyway, after they had finished making their bowls, there was a little bit of clay leftover. So I decided to use it up and make these tiny finger bowls.
The clay, being old and half dried up ,was a little difficult to work with, but I ended up making these five bowls. I let them air dry overnight.
Then I took my copper Golden Acrylic and decided to partially paint them, leaving parts of the bowls raw. Here’s what I ended up with:

This next one is my favorite :

I didn’t overthink the patterns. I love these so much! I think I’ll use them for sequins and other itty bitty embellishments. Any other ideas?

Which one is your favorite?