So ‘focus’ is my One Little Word for this year. We are moving to Beijing on July 10th. I have so much to do until then. Art stuff. Paperwork stuff. Moving across the globe stuff. 
I’m using my Get To Work Book to stay on top of it. I am really focusing on certain elements that I want to carry on with. Namely my art commitments: my 52 Pick-Up, my 100 Explorations, the Color Chaos journals, the Awesome Ladies project and some notebooks I am making for a local store to sell. These commitments I will make in advance and schedule on the blog until the end of July. Mostly because I do not know when we will have access to internet when we arrive in Beijing.
The other page in the photo above holds all of the administrative stuff I have to do. Buy plane tickets. Organise all of the paperwork for Khaleesi to come with us. Register the kids in their new school. Prepare and schedule 2 moves and figure out what stays in storage. This is no joke. I’m already exhausted by that page. Red tape kills me.
Which is why I really need to focus on both sides of my brain and person until we leave. I will do my best to fulfill all my commitments because that is who I am. But if it’s a little more quiet here, you’ll know why.
Get Messy I will commit to on a weekly basis. That community is so important to me! I am keeping minimal supplies and my art journal with me and will be participating fully in the next Season. In fact, I’m counting on it to keep me sane!