I signed up for the This is me class at Studio Calico for April. I really really like the color scheme of the printable cards and of the kit that came with the class. The class itself is about the person scrapbooking or making the mini-album. Because this came right after 30 Days of Lists, I felt that maybe I’d said enough about myself for a while and I put it on the backburner.
But then I started thinking that this album is coming at a good time after all, because I’ve been doing some thinking lately about where I’m coming from and where I’m growing/going. Especially career-wise. Especially since coming to Hong Kong. And factoring in the fact that it’s our last year here…I think I’ve got stuff to say. So I’m in!
I’m using a Studio Calico handbook, the plain chipboard kind. I decided to paint it to spruce it up. I was going for the pie-chart/triangles look which I really love right now and that goes well with the kit.
I really didn’t like it. At all. It’s not as cool as I thought it would be in my head. So I decided to add myself!

Here’s a look from my window ledge studio. If you follow me on Instagram (dansmoncrane), you’ll notice I tag myself there a lot.

And here’s my girl. I used one of my handmade stamps for the feather. I also used my oil pastels, that I appreciate more and more each time I use them. This lady is done in the Mindy Lacefield style, mixed with the Jeanne Oliver style and my own! I’m really grateful that these artists take the time to share their technique. It helps when you are trying to define your own.

I’m so super happy with it.

I decided that the back needed a unicorn. It is my fetish animal after all.

I felt a little sad as I was drawing her because I haven’t done so in the longest time. And drawing unicorns was something I used to do all the time. One thing to add to this book.

I stamped my name across the spine.

Here’s Hong Kong, totally photobombing my album.

I decided that the inside couldn’t be plain. So I decided to stamp it up!

I used a mix of handmade and bought stamps.

Love the details:

So now, I’m good to go. I’ll be using the class kit, plus the Sundrifter album inserts and lots of papers from the Lucky Charm collection, Maggie Holmes and my own stash.

Can’t wait!