Here are the first pages in my This is me album. I’m approaching this in a different way from Project Life and my other journals. I’m using a lot of the supplies that come from Studio Calico; some of you will recognise the Atlantic line. I also used the Maggie Holmes and Lucky Charm papers. There are a lot of journaling cards by Paislee Press, Blinks of Life, Life Love Paper, Balzer Designs and Dearest Someday. I’m having a lot of fun going to my favorite stationery stores and buying some pretty letterpress to add in. It feels good to use my stash and to make something just for me.

I’ve got four unofficial sections : me (likes and dislikes, work, personal symbols, favorites etc), family and loved ones, Hong Kong and its impact on me and future plans. These themes are spead throughout my album and I’m mostly going with what the paper inspires me to write. I love this freedom too. I’m trying to write down lots of stuff that I may never have said out loud. And that feels good too. I’m thinking my kids will have a blast when they read this one day.

Here are some of the completed pages. I’ll be sharing the others as I complete them. Here’s the inside cover:

I really liked the class kit ans the printables. The pictures in my album are all from Origrami.

There is some journaling under the postacrd on the left.

Swallows are an important symbol for me. The bottom image is by Abby Diamond who drew it for me after I commissioned some swallows from her. I love her technique but these were a little to big to have tattooed on my wrist!

Lessons I learned from my parents. I haven’t had the chance to write my mom’s one yet.

For the love of coffee and coffee for love.

Vanessa is a kind of butterfly, so they are a personal symbol that appear throughout the album.

I added Andy Warhol to my favorite artists.

Being a bio-archaeologist, I love all things related to human skulls and anatomy.

Moving to Hong Kong.

I’m using the alphas from the PL kits by Studio Calico and adding in junk mail.

Had to write about my love for the super efficient postal system in HK. Plus look at those cute stamps!

Using a junk mail flyer, an exhibit catalog and also stickers that come with the various scrapbooking collections I have on hand.

This is a chance for me to add in paper products that appeal to me, for no other reason than they make me happy and the colors fit.

My love for unicorns.

Favorite authors and book series.

Places to hang out in HK.

My favorite season : autumn. This season is very different in HK when compared to Canada, but I try to highlight why I like them both.

So this is enough for today. More to come soon.